Artist Feature – Bev Doolittle

Bev Doolittle has defied a few conventions, and it’s safe to say it’s worked for her.  She primarily works in watercolor, rather than the traditional oil paint that most western artists use.  Also, many of her pieces feature one of the hallmarks of her style- a camouflage technique which layers image within image, revealing a different picture depending upon how one looks at it.  Bev is not a prolific painter, so when she does release a new piece, it is to be savored and treasured.  Nearly all of her artwork has sold out at the publisher.  She is also the author of five very popular books.  Here, we have included some of our customers’ all-time favorite Bev Doolittle pieces for your enjoyment.  Clicking on any of the pictures will take you directly to our website for additional information and pricing.  Her complete collection can be found in our online Bev Doolittle Gallery.


The Prayer: “Oh, Great Spirit, we come to you with love and gratitutde for all living things. We now pray especially for our relatives of the wilderness – the four-legged, the winged, those that live in the waters, and those that crawl up on the land. Bless them, that they might continue to live in freedom and enjoy their right to be wild. Fill our hearts with tolerance, appreciation and respect for all living things so that we all might live together in harmony and peace.” – Marcellus Bear Heart Williams.

Bev Doolittle’s print is a remarkable creation, showing her growth and development as a painter of concepts and idea.s A lone Indian stands atop a mountain to be closer to the Creator, while the spirits he prays for take shape beneath him. Bev’s challenge to you is not only to honor the wild things, but to find them in her virtuoso display of design skill and artistic technique. There are 26 species in the image, represented by an even greater number of animals and birds that move, flow, and fly amidst the beautifully rendered landscape. Can you find the owl peeking out from the tree’s branches, or the grizzly bear in its roots? Do you see the eagles swirling amidst the snow?

Available Editions: 21″ x 28″ signed and numbered limited edition


“Nature provides a chorus of lively sounds to both inspire and lift the human spirit or to relax and soothe out troubled hearts. But how does an artist communicate the emotional spirit of music in a strictly visual medium? I believed nature would provide an answer. And it did.”  –Bev Doolittle

Available Editions:  36″ x 10″ signed and numbered limited edition


The grizzly bear is a very special animal. His presence adds an excitement that no other North American animal can match.  To use an analogy, the wilderness is like a big pot of stew. The rugged mountains, clear water rivers and tree-colored valleys are the meat and potatoes. But, for taste, you need a little seasoning. The grizzly is the seasoning. No matter how magnificent the scenery, it just isn’t wilderness until you sprinkle in a few grizzly bears.  This is a small mountain valley. The remnant snow patches clearly show the tracks of a large grizzly. How long has it been since he was standing right here, where is he now?  Look closely at those tracks. The snow is crisp and clean. The edges haven’t begun to melt yet. Nothing has been blown into those big muddy impressions. They are fresh. How far ahead is he? Not far, not far at all . . .

Available Editions: 34″ x 21″ signed and numbered limited edition


In a remote valley where winter lingers into summer, the Great Spirit sends messages of fair weather and good hunting on the wings of a mountain on the flight of a lake. This is the Season of the Eagle.

Available Editions: 18″ x 27″ signed and numbered limited edition

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