Artist Feature – Flick Ford

The true beauty of wild fish can really be appreciated by everyone when they are captured by someone so talented as watercolorist Flick Ford.  Flick has been uniquely blessed with both a passion for fishing and great artistic abilities.  Throughout his life, he has explored some of the best fishing waters North America has to offer and his experiences drove him to record each fish’s appearance.  To date, he has rendered more than 75 aquatic life images, each exhibiting a fish that he or a friend has caught.  All of them can be found in our online Flick Ford Gallery, and a few our included in our feature selection below.  Clicking on an image or title will take you directly to the piece on our website for pricing and additional information.

The steel-blue killifsh is a freshwater tropical fish known for its jumping ability.  The are typically about 2.5″ in length and brightly colored.  Steel-Blue Killifish live a nice long life and are typically found in rainforest streams.  The happy coloring makes them a great choice for any wall.

Available Editions: 10″ x 8″ open edition on paper

Hooking up with a Mako shark is one of the finest big game fishing experiences imaginable. Reaching up to 12 feet in length and surpassing 1000 lbs, they are known to jump, flip and dance at a height and pace that will put all but the fiercest of marlin to shame. Flick Ford’s Alpha Shortfin Mako captures, in brilliant detail, the shark in attack mode, embracing both the savage and exquisite nature of this apex predator.

Available Editions:

18″ x 12″ signed open edition on paper

39″ x 26″ signed and numbered limited edition giclee on canvas

A Yellowfin of any size is a prized catch of the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf coast fisherman. In September of 2012, a new world record (IGFA confirmation still pending) was set off Cabos San Lucas, Mexico for a Yellowfin Tuna caught on a rod and reel. At an incredible 427 lbs, the previous record of 405 lbs, set in 2010, will be left far behind. Trophy Yellowfin Tuna depicts a fish of about 140 lbs. This piece is a trophy unto itself and worthy of hanging in any angler’s trophy room.

Available Editions:

18″ x 12″ signed open edition giclee on paper

39″ x 26″ signed and numbered limited edition canvas giclee

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