Artist Feature – Charles Wysocki

"Bellywarmers" by Charles Wysocki at


Born in the beginning of the previous century, Charles Wysocki always had a heart for a bygone era.  He is known for his folk Americana scenery, mostly of places in New England.  His amusing cat pieces are also well-loved in the art community.  Over the course of his career, Charles Wysocki built a large and respectable portfolio of artwork, most of which is available for collection as limited edition fine art prints and collectibles.  Our online gallery features nearly 300 items bearing Charles Wysocki’s art- variety enough to please every collector.  Clicking on any of the features images in this post will take you to our gallery for pricing and additional information.


“Remington the Horticulturist”

In “Remington the Horticulturist“, artist Charles Wysocki has imagined a red cat (named after beloved artist Frederic Remington, no less) that loves gardening.  He is snoozing in a bin full of seed packets, while surrounded by all of his highly unique gardening gadgets, along with the traditional pots and watering cans.  Remington, being a unique cat, also enjoys the occasional book or snack of blueberries.  This playful print is perfect for gardeners and cat-lovers alike.

Available Editions:

32-piece stationary set

25″ x 21.5″ limited edition on paper


“Frederick the Literate”

Frederick the Literate“, one of Charles Wysocki’s most collected cat-themed pieces, depicts his favorite pet Frederick who loved to hang about in the Wysocki’s library.  He and his wife thoroughly enjoyed the time they spent dreaming up clever, pun-filled titles for the volumes on the shelf in this cat library.  “Cat-O-Nine Tails” and “Rat Holes of the World” were some special favorites.  The thoughtful humor that went into this piece can be appreciated by anyone, especially readers, writers, and other wordsmiths.

Available Editions:

12″ x 9″ open edition on paper

20″ x 18″ limited edition on paper

21″ x 23″ limited edition giclee on canvas


“Ethel the Gourmet”

Frederick had a sister, whom the Wysockis named Ethel, and her favorite place to be was the kitchen, as shown in “Ethel the Gourmet“.  Charles was just as clever with the names of food items in Ethel’s dream pantry as he was with Frederick’s books.  Just like the pair they were in real life, “Ethel the Gourmet” and “Frederick the Literate” would make a great matched set for any Wysocki collector.

Available Editions:

25″ x 22″ signed and numbered limited edition

21″ x 18″ limited edition giclee on canvas



Two little boys have ridden their buggy down to the seashore in “Dreamers” by Charles Wysocki.  The spend the afternoon laying on top of a dune, gazing out at the sea and the puffy white clouds, just imagining all the possibilities.  It’s hard to imagine a more idyllic childhood moment.  Just looking at the art takes you away to another life and time, which is sometimes all we need to escape.

Available Editions:

32″ x 24″ signed and numbered limited edition on paper

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