Holiday Art – Charles Wysocki

"Cape Cod Christmas"

“Cape Cod Christmas”

Even if you aren’t an avid art collector, you’re probably familiar with Charles Wysocki.  His primitive folk american style is instantly recognizable and has become the subject of many a puzzle, book, note card, or coffee mug.  However, the true beauty of his work is in his actual paintings and the resulting limited edition fine art reproductions.  Christmas is a subject Wysocki knew well, as he released a special holiday print annually for years and years.  One especially nice feature of Wysocki Christmas pieces in particular is that while they certainly holiday-themed, it is not so overwhelming that the print can’t be tastefully displayed throughout the year.  Here, we have included a few of our favorite Charles Wysocki Christmas prints.  Clicking on an image will take you to the same piece in our gallery, where you can find pricing and other information.  The rest of the Wysocki collection, including holiday and non-holiday pieces can be right HERE.

"Christmas Greeting"

“Christmas Greeting”

In “Christmas Greeting,” Charles Wysocki recalls some of his own favorite childhood Christmas memories.  He reminisces about time spent building forts and flinging snowballs good-naturedly, exchanging handmade gifts with friends and neighbors, and the beautiful holiday decorations that popped up everywhere.  Although the years have passed, many of these time-honored traditions continue on throughout many families today.  “Christmas Greeting” was the official 1989 Charles Wysocki Christmas print.

Available Editions

20″ x 16.5″ limited edition on paper

"Jingle Bell Teddy and Friends"

“Jingle Bell Teddy and Friends”

Some children build snowmen.  But in Charles Wysocki’s world, a child might build a snow teddy bear.  The teddy bear holds a banner paying tribute to the Charles Dickens holiday classic “A Christmas Carol”.  Keeping Jingle Bell Teddy company out in the snow are a menagerie of Christmas trinkets and ornaments representing many of the popular holiday traditions, both present and past.  “Jingle Bell Teddy and Friends,” the 1990 Charles Wysocki Christmas print, is a reminder of the child in us, the many traditions of the world, and the importance of friends and family.

Available Editions:

20″ x 20″ limited edition on paper

"'Twas the Twilight Before Christmas"

“‘Twas the Twilight Before Christmas”

Charles Wysocki envisioned this is Christmas Eve scene, where the entire small town of family and friends is preparing to gather for an evening of festivities, including food, music, and dancing.  Even the dogs are venturing out in good spirit, with their green and red balls.  The horse carriage, adorned with a holiday wreath, is pulling a full load of many guests and visitors.  Everyone is in the mood for a great Christmas gathering, which makes it the perfect piece to hang on your home’s walls during your own family events this season.

Available Editions:

15.5″ x 15.5″ limited edition on paper

"Whistle Stop Christmas"

“Whistle Stop Christmas”

When you look at “Whistle Stop Christmas,” it is easy to fall into an imagined world where you take the train to grandmother’s house for the holidays.  The setting sun glows off a countryside blanketed in snow.  Each station that your train tops at in bedecked in Christmas spirit, the platform bustling with people toting brightly wrapped packages while waiting for their loved ones’ arrival.  Everything is merry and delightful, just like our most cherished memories of the holiday season.  “Whistle Stop Christmas” was Charles Wysocki’s 1991 Christmas print.

Available Editions:

21″ x 18″ limited edition on paper


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