Holiday Art – Dean Morrissey

"Father Christmas: The Sleigh Ride" - Dean Morrissey

“Father Christmas: The Sleigh Ride” – Dean Morrissey

One of the most prolific holiday artists at is the talented Dean Morrissey.  Santa Claus regularly makes an annual appearance in one of Dean’s pieces.  Morrissey usually takes a very traditional approach with his Santa, including the rounded figure, red garb, snowy white beard, grandfatherly spectacles and a crinkly smile.  If you are looking for a very timeless Saint Nicholas limited edition print to adorn your wall for this holiday season and many to come, you cannot go wrong with Dean Morrissey.  We have included for you here a few of our favorites.  Clicking on an image will take you straight to the same piece on our website for more information.  The rest of Morrissey’s collection, including other holiday pieces, can be found in our online gallery.

"The Promise of Peace and Tranquility"

“The Promise of Peace and Tranquility”

What is as timeless as Santa Claus?  Our nationalistic pride, of course.  This is the 2012 Dean Morrissey Christmas print and the first in a series of historical Santa paintings for Dean.  This is how Santa may have looked during the Civil War Era.  His apparel immediately says Christmas… and USA!  Just like today, the tradition of leaving a tasty treat out for Father Christmas was in tact many centuries ago and in this case, Santa’s about to enjoy a muffin (or two).  For the many folks who enjoy historical art and are also looking to grow their collection with a holiday piece that will stand the test of time, “The Promise of Peace and Tranquility” is an ideal choice.

Available Editions:

15″ x 20″ giclee on paper

12″ x 16″ giclee on canvas

21″ x 28″ giclee on canvas

"Portrait of Father Christmas"

“Portrait of Father Christmas”

In “Portrait of Christmas”, we find Santa in a quiet moment before he heads out to make his deliveries.  He is already dressed and ready to go, with a starry overcoat and holly leaves wrapped around his brim.  The crows feet around Santa’s eyes betray his tendency to smile and laugh and his beard is curly and full.  This is the Santa that we grew up with from childhood, that well all know and love, and that our children still believe in.

Available Editions

8″ x 10″ giclee on canvas

"Checking It Twice"

“Checking It Twice”

In this image, Father Christmas has checked his list- twice- and is happy to find that all the little boys and girls have been good.  Dressed in an almost boxer-like robe with gloves and a belt, he has his satchel of toys on his shoulder and his helpful elf at the ready.  He is nearly ready to venture out on a joyful delivery run, bringing small treasures to children far and wide.

Available Editions:

15″ x 20″ limited edition on paper

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