Holiday Art – Will Bullas

"Northern Lights"

“Northern Lights”

Christmas is a mere three weeks from today!  Accordingly, our march of holiday art features continues, this time highlighting the playful watercolorist Will Bullas and his Yuletide efforts.  Bullas is a California-based artist with a good sense of humor.  He works with commonly known one-liners to create irreverent and witty paintings.  These tongue-in-cheek works have helped Bullas to amass a significant number of high honors in the watercolor community, including the prestigious Dagmar Tribble Memorial Award from the American Watercolor Society, among many others.  His clever and unique way of approaching his subject matter has lent itself to some delightful holiday pieces over the years, including both limited edition fine art prints and porcelain figurines.  All of the prints and collectibles featured here, in addition to Will Bullas’ non-Christmas art, can be found in our online gallery.

"Jingle This"

“Jingle This”





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