Holiday Art – James Christensen

"Three Wise Men in a Boat"

“Three Wise Men in a Boat”

We all know and love James C. Christensen for his wonderful little poofy guys and ethereal women going about life in their exceedingly unique environments.  Christensen’s holiday work flows in the same vein, with whimsical takes on some of our most traditional Christmas characters.

"We Three Kings" by James Christensen at

“We Three Kings”

  “We Three Kings” is based on the western view that three noblemen brought gifts to a young Jesus following his birth.  These delightful kings, robed in their very finest and intent on their mission, are bringing gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.  The artist thought this quest to find the newborn King was important enough that he used actual gold leaf for the star and three gifts.  The limited edition canvas prints also share this feature, bringing an extra sparkle to this truly special holiday piece.  And because it’s a James Christensen work, who might be accompanying the wise men on their journey, but one of James’ trademark fish!

Available Editions

"Santa's Other Helpers"

“Santa’s Other Helpers”

25″ x 16″ limited edition giclee on canvas

20.5″ x 14″ limited edition on paper

Have you ever wondered how on earth Santa could keep an eye on the behavior of all the boys and girls over the whole world?  James Christensen finally brings us in the answer in the form of chuckle-worthy “Santa’s Other Helper”, which is the third in his series of Old World Santa pieces.  Little birdies fly in from around the globe to give the reports on who has been naughty and who’s nice.  In today’s world of technology and instant answers, it’s refreshing to see that our beloved Santa takes a slightly antiquated, yet tried-and-true approach with his methodologies.  With such an accurate reporting, all the good girls and boys are certain to get what they deserve this year.

Available Editions

17″ x 17.5″ limited edition on paper

"The Gift for Mrs. Claus"

“The Gift for Mrs. Claus”

Every year, James Christensen creates a special handmade gift for his wife.  He understands that she appreciates whatever he makes all  the more because he used his time and talent to bring it to life.  “The Gift for Mrs. Claus” reflects this precise sentiment.  Santa delivers gifts to people worldwide, so how can he make the holiday special for Mrs. Claus?  By making her a one-of-a-kind item, of course!  Here, a thoughtful and relaxed Santa, in a gold robe rather than his traditional red fur garb, is busy in his workshop.  He has made a beautiful figurine for his beloved and it just needs a few more touches of paint before it gets wrapped.  In the corner, a smiling Pinocchio puppet looks on.  Perhaps you aren’t the type to hand make your gifts, but you certainly could  gift this beautiful piece to someone in your life who deserves a little something extra.

Available Editions:

15.5″ x 15.5″ limited edition on paper

17″ x 17″ limited edition on canvas

17″ x 17″ artist proof on canvas

In addition to this small selection of James Christensen’s holiday work, we have many more Christensen Christmas prints in our online gallery.  We also carry the rest of his collection, including porcelain holiday ornaments and nativity figurines.


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