Holiday Art – Scott Gustafson

“St Nicholas In His Study” by Scott Gustafson at

Over the years, artist Scott Gustafson has lent his creative and glowy style trademark to several Christmas efforts.  Scott is perhaps best-known for his large repertoire of fantasy works based on popular nursery rhymes, fairy tales, and Disney stories.  Golden light often brings warmth to scenes adorned with whimsical creatures and imaginative spaces.  His holiday pieces are no exception.  All of then feature a very jolly Santa Claus enjoying some of his various Christmas tasks and each of them offers a peek into how Scott imagine’s Santa’s job to be.  And the creativity is not limited to paper.  Gustafson has also carved a miniature St. Nicholas reading over a wishlist from a hopeful child, which is available as a highly-collectible porcelain figurine.   A few of his prints are even available in a puzzle format, perfect for family gatherings.  This holiday season, open your heart to the inviting warmth of Scott Gustafson’s Christmas paintings and collectibles and adorn your walls with art that can be appreciated by the young and young-at-heart, alike.  Just click on any of the images you like to head to our online gallery for more information on that particular piece.

“Santa’s Reward”

“St Nicholas” porcelain figurine

“Up, Up, and Away” (also available as puzzle)

“Woodland Santa”

“Santa at the North Pole”

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